Comedy Calendar was a FAIL

Do you ever start something, and think oh wow, what a great idea, I think this would work! And then you just run out of steam?
And life interrupts.

You realize you are spread too thin.
Time management fail, and you probably should’ve reached out for more help but didn’t.
Well this is a recurring theme in my life, especially when it comes to ideas that are mine.
I seem to excel in helping others and being the cheerleader and support for projects/work that is not my own “baby”.

But enough of my requisite self analyzing babble…
So the baby that was the curated unfiltered comedy calendar, gets aborted.

What calendar?

For about a month, I put together a calendar of favorite comics from O&A O&J etc, of what was going on in live comedy. It was like a curating hobby and I got this cool event calendar plugin, and I had a set amount of time every day at the public library by my son’s temporary “school”.  I put in people’s gigs, like Reverend Bob Levy, Sherrod Small, Bonnie McFarlane, Jim Jefferies, and a whole bunch more.  You can see the original post here.

So I plugged in the events, and it came up with a nice calendar for some of May and most of June.  It was alot of googling and checking out comic’s tweets.  The idea was to have a place to go to check out where unfiltered comedy was playing.  I got some people RT’ing, and even contributing, thanks to Brian Bachner, and Gopackjo, my 2 fellow comedyphiles.

The intention was to keep it up in the summer, but real work came, real issues, you know, life. My part-time work picked up that contributes to the family financials.  And when something isn’t really contributing to your family goals, it just evaporates.  Only 24 hours in a day! Simply it isn’t a sustainable effort on my own. Big thanks to SiberescueBrian for encouraging me to reach out to more people. I wish I had, I just ran out of time! But I will make sure to touch base with those people you had suggested for future ideas.

So I was pretty excited about this idea, since I didn’t see a curated site about the comics I’m interested in. It felt like it would be something cool, and I LOVE COMEDY, I think comics should be spotlighted and that we should support live comedy venues. But it’s not in the cards in July 2015, but if someone out there is interested in reviving the calendar or doing something together that supports live comedy contact me (leave a comment below and I can email you directly).








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