Experimenting with Comedy Content

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to my twitter friends out there.  Hope all is going well out there people.  I’ve been consumed lately with family stuff, and other side internet work that gives me some of that pocket money.  But my heart is always in comedy and wanted to see if we can actually come up with a regular stable piece of content on this site that would fill a void.  

So here’s the idea.

Many of us listen to the same shows/podcasts and share a love of the same raw kind of humor that attracts us.

If you’ve tried to search for something to do on a weekend, google is a crazy place.  If you listen regularly to Opie & Jimmy or The Cumia Show or #Bennington, you’ll catch a comic that may be appearing in the NYC area, or you can hear them plug their shows. You can look at individual comedy clubs, sure, but that takes time too.  So yeah, information everywhere.

Our plan:

Identifying the NEW and REGULAR comics that appear on our favorite shows and podcasts.

Tracking their weekend events (via their website/manager emails)

POSTING them for each weekend coming up.

We LOVE our comics, and some of them are horrible frankly at marketing themselves.  Why not bring back “word-of-mouth” and provide a more organic way of finding where everyone is performing.  If a comedy club wants to sponsor us, great!  We’ll include them on a banner ad, or a featured spot.  But let’s keep the conversation going and promote our friends and new funny people.

Where can I find the latest comedy calendar?

You are an idiot your missing a great comic!

Oops, let us know in the comments below who we’ve missed.  If they aren’t well known, include which podcast/show they have appeared on.  So far we have:


Amy Schumer
Big Jay Oakerson
Bill Burr
Bobby Kelly
Bonnie MacFarlane
Brian Regan
Colin Quinn
Dan Smith
Dan Soder
Dave Attell
Esther Ku
Greer Barnes
Hannibal Buress
Heather Height
Jim Florentine
Jim Gaffigan
Jim Jefferies
Jim Norton
Joe Conte
Joe Currie
Keith Robinson
Kelley Lynn
Kurt Metzger
Luis J. Gomez
Mike Bocchetti
Nick DiPaolo
Rev Bob Levy
Rich Vos
Sherrod Small
Stacey Prussman
Tom Papa
Vic Henley

This is a horrible idea. Where’d you go to school?

sad face. *charlie brown sad music* *thinks of how that education went to waste*

Why do you always make everything negative?

Insecurity, and self-doubt are my strengths. May need to google schizophrenia too. Also should stop talking to myself. Dammit!






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