Queen Sleeves



This post has been a long time coming. I felt in only fair that in sharing parts of my life, I should share an extremely important decision I’ve made about my life that will change it for the better.

On February 2, 2015 I’m getting the gastric sleeve done. The doctor will removed 2/3 of my stomach; with the idea that this will help me lose weight.

Due to a tremendous amount of health issues (PCOS and high blood pressure) I’ve decided to take a step to correct these problems. I’ve been struggling with my weight for close to 15 years and nothing has worked. Believe me when I say I’ve tried everything with limited success. I didn’t come to this decision lightly. It took months of soul searching and struggling with the ‘what ifs’ scenarios. It basically came down to ‘I want to be healthy again.’ I’ve heard whispers about ‘cheating’ or ‘just get off your fat ass’ but when getting off your fat ass doesn’t work…what then? So if anyone reading this thinks I’m ‘cheating’ then you are right…I’m cheating my body out of an early death. I’m cheating my knees out of constant pain. I’m cheating my ego out of beating myself up every morning for trying and failing and being disgusted with myself.

I shall keep everyone informed of my progress and post pictures from time to time. Thanks for reading and wish me luck








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