The Opie & ______ Show

Got to listen to Opie and Jim today, as well as Ronnie B.  Funny and sad, the boys are perplexed at what direction the show will take, Opie mentions that he would’ve liked a little more time before they went back on air.

By the way, why am I doing this? Struff does this much better, check out his OA Rundowns! Oh no, now it looks like he’s not updating the rundowns without Anthony. Makes sense. Ok, so who is doing the historian duties now. Jeez, the only person doing really well with the Anthony firing, is really Anthony, who can be found at Great call by Joseph Cumia too.

For today’s show check out Opie’s youtube:

Also check out Anthony’s appearance on Red Eye, was hoping that the guys would touch on that today, but they didn’t.

Back to the kids-







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