I am settling in after our wedding weekend, of my best friend from college, aka the sister I never had.  I actually set her up with a colleague from work, and ta-da it worked! 4 years later my friend texts me a photo of the ring, and boom we are at  the quaintest inn in Ithaca NY overlooking apple trees and sheep.  Not like the last matchmaking effort I made which ended up in a 6-month relationship filled with tears and plenty of ben & jerrys.  Sorry L! (I actually used this in my toast and got a good laugh.  Anything?  Is this thing on?)

It was a very special time and my daughter was the flower girl.  Which I was quite nervous about.  Well it worked out really well. It also gave us some special time with our daughter.  Her brothers had an equally good time with my parents and Tia.  Well that’s what I tell myself, don’t you know as a parent you need to feel guilty over every stupid decision you make?

I took absolutely the worst quality pictures cause my camera sucks and she won’t stay still.  
Bonus: This scenario didn’t happen!


So no viral videos from me this time…

So if you do follow me, you might see I like to tweet, and it suits my ADD or ADHD, I haven’t been officially diagnosed.  However, I did start this blog that @kfrey13, and @queenelisabeth have been graciously contributing to, cause I can’t seem to write anything that is longer than the stream of consciousness tweets.

Do you like to write too?

If you are passionate about a topic that relates to parenthood and are a parent who listens to O&A and/or R&F, dm me or @ me at @momsforopie.  Would love to put up some new perspectives.  Thanks to the lovely @HollzinSeattle who plugged this little blog as well.  If you haven’t checked out Holly and @Rorschach7 podcast “It’s All about Meeee“, here’s the link to their website, do it! I love this little community that was started.

If you already have a blog, we’d love to share it with your audience too. So let us know!

A Big Happy Veterans Day!! Great photos on my TL of twitter friends that are or have family in the service.  We thank you for your service!!


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