Borgata weekend complete

Wow, I really slacked on this blog- 8 months have passed and here’s my next entry:

Thanks to the best in-laws ever, we were able to make a trip to see The anti-social network, with Bill Burr, Jim Breuer, Jim Norton and Dave Attell. Hubs and I had an awesome time, we don’t get out much, so we make sure to take fully advantage of our free-from-kids time.

Not only did we enjoy a great dinner and show but I got to talk to Opie, and see lil Opster. My God, that kid is adorable, how could he not with all those beauty genes. You can tell he’s going to be a superkid. Opie is such a sweetie himself, he introduced me to his wife and I think his in-laws, and he tweeted about it too.


The show was awesome, and I laughed so hard, I think I may get that six-pack I’ve always wanted.. So anyway, I’m sorry this post isn’t very interesting. I can’t believe I got almost 200 views on Sunday. So here’s what I found that’s interesting, since my life clearly isn’t:

1950’s LSD experiments on housewife

Ricky Gervais compilation at Golden Globes

bored NYC housewives agree with Ricky’s brilliance

A great blog post and exactly why we should support the people that aren’t messed up and actually work hard and have something to contribute-  “Famous for doing nothing- The Crap we Glorify in America”

Well back to mothering- I doubt I can spend this much time on the computer for the next few days, so I’ll check in with twitter when I can!






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  1. Puddle Of AIDS Avatar

    Yayyyyyy pudding!!! I went to the 8pm Saturday show and it was the tits…

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