Can I get plastic surgery before the Tweet up?

I am going to a ‘tweet-up’ on Saturday. A tweet up is a meeting of people who you follow on Twitter. In most cases you only have a virtual relationship with these people. You communicate through tweets, emails, texts and sometimes *gasp* you speak on the phone. Your relationship with your ‘virtual’ friends is a lot harder than with some of your IRL (In Real Life) friends. Mainly because you actually have to work at communicating with them. In some ways, you can actually know a virtual friend better because it is easier to pour your story out to a profile picture rather than a real person. You don’t have to look them in the eye, you don’t see the weird quirk of their eyebrows when you tell them that horrible story from the 5th grade when your wrap around skirt untied while simultaneously tripping at recess, showing your Wonder Woman underoos to the entire class. (see how easy that was?) You are forced to reveal yourself at your own pace and be accepted and rejected at theirs. And if things get too heated, the ‘Power down’ options is close at hand. Computer off…virtual friends go *poof*

Oh but then there is a Tweet up. You are actually going to meet all these people. Not just a photo, not just words, a real live person!

Then the panic sets in.

What if they don’t like me? What if I physically repulse them? What if they say nothing and all ‘unfollow’ me the second I leave.
“I can see why her #FatLadytweets are so hilarious”

But then I remember….the reason for the Tweet up.

It’s a benefit to help my fellow tweeter @NarcZito

So regardless of my anxiety at meeting new people, I must remember that I’m sure my friend Will would give anything to have this problem. This simple stupid problem of my ego and pride, rather than the battle he is facing.

So whether you like me or not on Saturday, I will be there, for Will.


    ‘Rise and Rise again, until lambs become lions’

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