Oscars Aftermath, Revolution of TV for moms and Podcasts

It’s 4ish, there is some quiet time in our house, and I put on my headphones to squeeze in some O&A while 1 kid is napping, and 2 are playing. Today was lap swim, pre-k dropoff, grocery shopping with 2 kids, pickup, lunch and hosting a “playdate”, that awful word, and now I’m here.

Seems like the boys enjoyed Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I have to admit, I tried doing the R&F twitter party and I really paid more attention to them than the Oscars, so don’t think I could really make an honest assesment.

I love O&A it is so unfiltered, and although I can’t listen to them with the kids around most of the time, I am praying that there is a revolution in TV shows that cater to moms. Can’t we have some honesty and some realistic talk on regular TV? Can we stop taking stuff so seriously? When you are used to O&A it is so hard to go back to regular TV. I think the only (family) sitcom I’m really enjoying is Modern Family and the only talk show I will watch is Oprah. God, I love Oprah, I’m not kidding, although that lady is soo filthy rich, she is authentic. So what else is out there?

Podcasts? oh there are so many, so how do you pick? Who has the time? I tried listening to Teh What Show and I absolutely love Silera when she’s on R&F but I couldn’t listen to a whole podcast, the time constraints kill me.. I need a filter for these podcasts, there is some gold in it but investing the hours to get there is a significant trade-off. I hope someone out there comes up with the highlights of these podcasts, seriously, some of them are good, but for those with kids, we get a limited time to listen to uncensored radio.

But before someone creates my utopia for watching the “Best of” podcasts, I bet this week’s Unlearn Show will be gold. Rich W., Cigars and Scotch, Big A, Silera and Alkey? This should be interesting folks. Tune in 7PM tomorrow 3/9/2010. If you can’t catch them live, they rerun the same show all week long.

If you made it through this babble, thanks, congrats, and have a great day-@momsforopie

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