The Stanley McDonald Fund

Support Stan!

Just found this site, through a facebook feed, as some friends are also fans of Ron & Fez, and East Side Dave.

Why do I support this cause?

It’s for a kid, that needs all the help he can get- For those that don’t know, Stanley McDonald, is ESD’s son, who suffers from pyloric stenosis. The surgery has set back Casey and Dave a few thousand and they could use the help on staying afloat. Here is the link for more info.

Why this kid?

I’m personally vested in the show- I’ve visited the studio a few times to see O&A and Ron & Fez. On those visits I have to say that Dave has always graciously treated fans/guests/audience members. I’m amazed how public he and his wife have been which has resulted in some great entertainment. His antics show that he is all in for the show, and well he ate shit, who would do that? Eventually this kid may need therapy to understand the antics his dad has performed, so those bills they’re going to have to handle as well that aren’t handled by the fund

I’m sure there are plenty of causes out there that deserve your money, so you can decide to ignore or send what you can.



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