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Presenting our first interview on ParentsforOpie, with the lovely Linzbella!!! I first heard about Linz when she called into the Opie and Anthony Show about the Boston Marathon bombing. She knew one of the victims personally and defended him while Alex Jones spewed his conspiracy bullshit. Girl can hold her own! Well then we got to know her on twitter and the rest is history. We got a chance to ask her a few questions about O&A and parenting. 



How were you introduced to O&A?

I started off, back in / around 2005, listening to Howard Stern. One day, in 06? I heard him bitching about these guys named Opie and Anthony, so I decided to check them out. Haven’t left since… and I now despise Howard Stern. Not to mention, their show is the perfect combination of funny and serious, and they actually have really great content. it’s hard for me to get to work in the morning, because I never want to turn them off.

Besides health and happiness, if you could wish one thing for each of your kids, what would it be?

That they always remember to show kindness to others, do what they can to be upstanding people in society, and to remain passionate about life and the things they enjoy doing. (provided they are not illegal. 🙂 )

What is the biggest challenge for you in parenthood?

For me, the hardest part about being a parent is balancing everything. While multi-tasking is part of being a mom, it is so hard to equally divide your time / attention to all three children. I’d also say that many times, I am overly critical of myself; constantly worried that I am being too lenient, or other times, too harsh.

Bullies. How do you deal with bullies yourself? and what
would you advise a parent to do if their kids are being bullied?

Bullying is THE ONE THING I cannot stand. I was bullied throughout my middle- high school years, and it is an extremely sore spot for me. The way I deal with bullies, is typically, I try to talk it out with them. Sometimes, you cannot reason with them, but many times, the ones that keep talking, say more about themselves as a person, than it does about you. I try to remember, depending on the forum, that many times, these people know nothing about me, so their opinion of me does not matter. Typically, I’m a fighter; I stand up for what I believe in, and I never let anyone push me around. I’m better in real life confrontations than I am on Twitter though.
As a parent if my kids are being bullied, depending on the severity of the situation, I try to let the kids work it out on their own. Generally, I’ll give my kids advice, and if it escalates after that, I would try to contact the school or the bullies’ parent and discuss the issue. I haven’t had any of my children be bullied, (thank god).

Being O&A listeners I know many of us have the sense of humor and don’t take things too seriously when it comes to radio entertainment, but are there any hot buttons that would make you change the channel?

You know, this is a great question… So far, I haven’t heard anything on O&A that has made me want to change the channel. Things have made me mad, but generally, that makes me want to listen more. I would have to say the one thing that I cannot stand, is a boring show. When they have these snoozefests on, I don’t mind turning it off, because I feel like I’m not missing much.

What is your favorite O&A bit?

Anything with Jim Norton, and his “personalities” they all make me laugh, Chippa’s my fave.. And back in the day, when they used to have homeless people on the show. Always made me laugh. Oh!! and Lady Di tweeting out her phone number was probably the best thing I have heard this year; aside from my fight with Alex Jones. 🙂

What is your superpower?

I am really good at fixing other people’s mistakes, and good at giving relationship advice. 🙂

Thanks Linz for sharing with us, and I hope you guys check out her out on Twitter.  Check out a great interview she did on the @ItsAllAbout podcast here


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