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Summer left; Homework and Fall await…

Throwback Photo 8'06: Someone captured photo of me very pregnant at walkover. 3 days later I gave birth.

Throwback Photo 8’06: Someone captured photo of me very pregnant at walkover. 3 days later I gave birth.

The return of moi

Hey kids, @momsforopie here, 7 years+ after the photo to the left was taken.  Whew, time flies…  Just wanted to check in with you all and share a little update on cool stuff I’ve read, and things that manage to circumnavigate the cobwebs in my head into consciousness.  I felt so guilty about not keeping this blog alive I took it out of my twitter bio, but I’m renewed in my faith to keep this blog going, all because this other crazy blogger (@kfrey13) has been gracious to contribute her musings here as well. She’s my twin separated at birth, my liver feels it when she drinks too much wine and my arm twitches when something pisses her off.

Kids still alive, wine consumption steadied

Last I left you I think I had 3 kids, well I still have 3, and a long suffering husband.  I’m in a new stage of life now, this blog post from “rants from mommyland” pretty much depicts this “sweet spot” where the kids are out of diapers, they are self sufficient, you can breathe a little.  A great post to celebrate that short time before the teen years hit.  Yes, it gets easier, and it’s kinda nice. You don’t have to worry about them running out onto the street as much anymore.

Yes it is still a roller coaster, rolling thunderesque (RIP rickety roller coaster by the way)  especially when you have kids with different opinions on what is fun, and what should the family do for fun on the weekend.  Usually we just tell them what we are doing and let them express their dismay or happiness.  The disapproving kid(s) get over it and often have a good time.  Nothing is ever perfect, so if you are reading this and contemplating kids, please know that the whole kid thing is just made up of really big highs and really low lows.. That is the case with our family.  I think Billy Joel’s “I go to extremes” represents my middle kid.

Summer’s End

Yep that’s it, so long BBQ, Robin Thicke song, carnivals and endless laundry of swimsuits and towels, the end of summer 2013 has occurred. Before we say goodbye to Thicke, check out this awesome parody called “Lame Lines”.  Well done chicas.

Oh and don’t forget this one that just popped up. Travis Tefft (winner of 2011 babysitting poll, see article here) tweeted this vid link when O&A mentioned it.

What does the Fox Say? I thought it was pretty funny, kids did too, but not as hysterical as I thought for kids who still believe in Santa. I really hope I didn’t damage them now.


They still think the Sponge Bob movie ending is the funniest thing ever. Can’t embed this one, here’s the link, see if your kids think so too:

Fall Stuff to Look Forward To

What do you look forward to in the fall? I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet, domestic rearranging and getting back in touch with friends.  Kids in school will give me an opportunity to reach out to some good friends I’ve lost touch with.  Also speaking of friends, let’s not forget the new ones, I can’t wait for the event below where I get to meet some of my favorite twitter people.  I’m bringing my long suffering husband too.  Also can’t forget about daughter’s upcoming youtube as flower girl, that should be good. Cause who in their right mind would let a tantrum-proned 4yo be in a wedding? HOLLA! Pray for us..

NYC area- Saturday Afternoon Benefit for Narc Zito- Oct 11 (2-5PM) with Otto & George, Reverend Bob Levy and Big Jay Oakerson

Click here for tickets and info

For more details check out this post about the event! Folks, it really is for a good cause.  Narc Zito is a young father of 2 who just got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and is a fighter. He wants to keep things upbeat, so I will just add that you could make a difference by supporting the cause.  Here’s the website if you’d like to learn more.

Parting Words

If you were bored and took a minute to examine the chaos of my twitter timeline, you will find more boredom as well as what inspires me.  To share with you that side, I thought this was a pretty cool “buddhist” kind of article.

An excerpt: “Clear away the small minded and limiting ideas of who you are that keep you bound and feeling small, hopeless, even unworthy. You already have everything — everything you need to be you. In the present moment, you have very clear goals. There is much to be done as you are right now.”

So this is the part of my genetic makeup that enjoys Oprah’s soul series, but no worries, I still have the huge part that enjoys O&A.


Shit, I have to make 3 lunches for school now..

A cynics guide to Peter Pan

I have basically turned into a bitter old lady and can never just enjoy something for what it is. I have to criticize it some way. It’s one of my many faults. So needless to say, when I watched “Peter Pan” AGAIN during quiet time recently, I had a few observations.

1. Why do these rich idiots have a dog for a babysitter? And why do all the kids sleep in the same room? What are they Mexican?

2. I love how the parents leave the windows unlocked when they leave so the kids can be kidnapped like the Lindberg baby.

3. My children are utterly confused by Nana. We have a newfoundland so I told them Nana was a newfie. They looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. They apparently don’t understand that dogs can be different colors but the same breed. Our newfie Tank is black, and Nana is some other fucking color I’m not sure of. Is anyone even reading at this point? I’m sure everyone exited when I mentioned Mexicans.

4. Is Peter Pan a queer? Asexual? An Elf? Fez?

5. I prefer bitchy Tinkerbell to the peppy, perky, annoying bitch in the new movies.

6. I’m sure some asshole college student has written an 15 page paper on the methaphor of Pan chasing his shadow.

7. Who else thinks of a hippie chick at a Dead show when they hear the name Tiger Lilly?

8. Wow. Mermaids are cunts.

9. Honestly. I couldn’t take it anymore and took a nap. Plus I just realized that Nana in the movie is St. Bernard and in the book it’s a Newfie. Fucking bullshit. I’m boycotting this movie. That’s how mature I am!!!