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Revealing Truth from a Magician- Why You Should Follow Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette, a magician, who entertains audiences by fooling them with sleight of hand and at the same time is an advocate for truth, honesty and good people. Yes, he has an act but also is real, it’s hard to explain. I listened to him on O&A about his staunch opposition on people like Jonathan Edwards who make a living off of deceiving people. My love for him increased when I watched his “Bullshit show”, where you get to see 2 sides (as much as you can), with his commentary, and it was refreshing, even inspiring. From his piece on those folks that follow UFOs, to the one story about guns, the sweetest boy and his violent video games. There aren’t too many shows that try to get both sides of the story, but Bullshit does a good job. His most recent show, “Penn and Teller tell a Lie”, keeps you interested till the end where they reveal which of the 6 stories was the whopper.

On October 16, Penn, tweets this….

Penn Jillette Tweet

What’s going on? Following @jrswam I learn that @pennjillette is making sandwiches for an auction with @clayaiken and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. Hubs and I immediately figure out this has to be Celebrity Apprentice. I look it up online and see that there is wiki on Celebrity Apprentice Season Five, along with all the proposed contestants. Also found this note:

“NOTE: It was reported the first week’s task was taking place during taping on October 20, 2011; for October 22-23, Andretti will be allowed off taping because of a funeral (the taping occurred after the end of the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series season, and because of the tragic circumstances at the abandoned 2011 IZOD IndyCar World Championships, drivers are being asked to attend funeral services).”

So if that was really Penn’s last tweet, shouldn’t the celebrity tweets of everyone else be silenced since October 20, day of taping? Well that’s not the case. In reality, alot of twitter accounts of celebrities are managed by a publicist, or someone else usually from a marketing/social media firm. This doesn’t bother me so much if it was something the celebrity admits to up front. I get it that you have a brand and don’t have time to deal with all the fans, inquiries, but own up to it.

Clay Aiken makes it clear on his twitter:

But the others who have twitter accounts, you can figure out who has someone tweeting for them by the dates, feel free to fact check this one yourself by going into their actual twitter accounts:

Celebrity Apprentice Tweets

Penn, thanks for appreciating your fans, and being an honest guy.
Clay Aiken, great up front honesty!
Teresa, your tweets may be real, but do yourself a favor, admit you are wrong and go apologize to your friends, the cycle stops with you. Yeah, I watch RHONJ, I admit it.