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Ted’s Inspiration Emporium

I thoroughly enjoyed this week of O&A and all the hi-jinx, for a great rundown on what happened, look no further than @struff on his oarundowns page: Summary of 6/10/2011 (Opie & Anthony Show Rundown: Anthony Weiner’s Cock Pic; Shock Jocks; Bodily Fluids; New Bits; Jimmy’s New Charity Idea Roland vs Fez; Ice-T, Coco Austin in Studio) Thanks O&A for being real, vulnerable and entertaining.  I’m fascinated by Anthony Cumia’s sound effects lately, not sure what it is, it’s that “oof”and giggle.. i heard it a few times this week.

For other stuff that inspired me this week, I thought I’d share:

Here’s a good one, from one of the survivors of the plane crash landing on the Hudson, I have to keep reminding myself somedays on what matters, this one does the trick:

a few cool sites i found via @curiouslt, some of these have some great videos and pieces about life: Top 6 Sites that Inspire and Educate

Also I was impressed by this article by Roseanne Barr and a real great expose on the TV industry in Hollywood.  This goes in my “people suck” category, good for Roseanne in getting out of that mess.  I have no talent or looks or anything going for me except maybe an extras role as a coca grower in the Andes, so I would never be in that world, but if I did, I don’t think I’d have the stomach to deal with all the fakeness and ego in Hollywood.  I wonder if things would have been different if she had Super Agent Bob Eatman

So what gets you inspired? Let me know by commenting below and I’ll feature it on the next inspiration emporium…