Month: March 2010

  • Limping along

    Quick note- I have 3 young kids, and not much time. Unfortunately, can’t keep up with Opie and Anthony as much as I’d like these days. I’ll always support Opie, and when I get a chance to post, I will. Anyone want to contribute, email me at

  • Oscars Aftermath, Revolution of TV for moms and Podcasts

    It’s 4ish, there is some quiet time in our house, and I put on my headphones to squeeze in some O&A while 1 kid is napping, and 2 are playing. Today was lap swim, pre-k dropoff, grocery shopping with 2 kids, pickup, lunch and hosting a “playdate”, that awful word, and now I’m here. Seems…

  • The Stanley McDonald Fund

    Support Stan! Just found this site, through a facebook feed, as some friends are also fans of Ron & Fez, and East Side Dave. Why do I support this cause? It’s for a kid, that needs all the help he can get- For those that don’t know, Stanley McDonald, is ESD’s son, who suffers from…

  • A Kinder and Gentler XM Nation

     I’ts 7:29AM, on Friday, March 5th, Opie talks about Lynsi’s pregnancy, stuff that pokes out of the belly… it’s not “We’re due”… “Do you realize I made a freaking spine today? I made eyeballs today.” – Lynsi according to Opie Shit, Baby talk, yes, you will get alot of it.. and we will appreciate that…

  • Parents for Opie- Sunset Header now- do you have something more gooder?

    Do you have a suitable header image/photoshop above for Parents for We will credit you and post your link.  The image is 770×190 pixels.  Send me your graphic at