May 21-24 2015 Comedy Calendar- Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday May 21, 2015

Dan Soder at Helium in Portland Oregon.  More info here

Friday May 22, 2015

Adam Ferrara and Joe Currie at Governor’s Levittown, NY. More info here.

Amy Schumer at Route 66, Albuquerque, NM.  Tickets on her site here.

Dan Soder at Helium in Portland Oregon.  More info here

Rich Vos at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC.  More info here.

Saturday May 23, 2015

Adam Ferrara and Joe Currie at Governor’s Levittown, NY. More info here.

Amy Schumer at Global Event Center at WinStar World Casino and Resort –

Dan Soder at Helium in Portland Oregon.  More info here

Hannibal Buress at Tulalip Resort Casino, Tulalip WA. More info here.

Joe DeRosa at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA More info here.

Rich Vos at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC.  More info here.

Sunday May 24, 2015

Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane at RR Raz Room, New Hope, PA. More info here.


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May 14-16, 2015 Comedy Calendar

Comedy on May 16, 2015

Your Comedy Shortcut to May 16, 2015

Comedy fans of #Bennington, O&J, Legion of Skanks, etc., we are curating where our favorite comedians are going to be each weekend.  Rather than google endlessly, we wanted to make it easier for people to find a place to laugh.

Missing someone?  Comment below WITH THE VENUE and DATE if we are missing favorites for this weekend.

So far these include: Jim Norton, Tom Papa, Sherrod Small, Keith Robinson, Rich Vos, Bonnie MacFarlane, Bill Burr, Esther Ku, Vic Henley, Jim Jefferies, Kurt Metzger, Big Jay Oakerson, Dave Attell, Bobby Kelly, Jim Gaffigan, Greer Barnes, Hannibal Buress, Amy Schumer, Brian Regan, Rev Bob Levy, Jim Florentine.

If they don’t have something on their site, you won’t see them on this weekend’s list, if we missed a tweet about a new performance, LET US KNOW!

Links are LIVE!!!

Check out Bobby Kelly this weekend at Laugh Boston Thursday-Saturday May 14-16, 2015.  Vos will be in Miami, while his long suffering wife, Bonnie McFarlane will be in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, hopefully having an affair. Just kidding!  What do you expect with a podcast called “My Wife Hates Me”?  No one reads this anyway.  Check out all our favorites’ gigs below.  And share with a friend!

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Funny in the Business World


Rooney or Paul? You be the judge…

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to Ed Rooney for A Very Special Guest Post about humor in the business world.  Make sure you check out his podcast with Paul here, or just click play at the end of the post!

On the surface, humor and comedy seem interchangeable. Both are designed to be a mood lightener and in most cases, they are. However, there are subtle differences and, when using a mood lightener or ice breaker in the business world, can turn an intended positive interchange into an unrecoverable disaster.

Comedy is something we are all used to watching. It operates in the visual and audio realm both simultaneously and independent of each other. Comedy can use a variety of emotions to achieve a punch line. Tension, sadness, self loathing, perceived lack of knowledge and overconfidence are all used as tools to articulate a subject matter designed to entertain with laughter. Comedy is calculated when done correctly. It is an art form honed over time to the last syllable by the artists and storytellers that come to mind when Comedy is brought up. Carlin, Pryor, Cosby, Murphy, Rock, CK, Burr, just to name a few. Comedy is best used on a stage or written for the stage. Comedy very rarely goes over well in social situations and, when it is, is usually ripped off and delivered wrong. Launching into a Comedy routine and telling jokes while conducting business generally leads it a feeling of embarrassment for the business meeting “Comedian.” It can be pulled off, but at Powerball odds.

Humor, on the other hand, is formulated in real time. Most people have a sense of humor. A lot of people have the wrong sense. An 8 year old will think “Hiney” is the ultimate in humor and all 8 year olds within earshot of the word erupt in laughter. Its something that never really leaves ones sense of humor. The good “Sense” of humor comes from life experiences. Using humor in the right places with the right circumstances, I’ve found, to be extremely helpful in the business world. Hiney doesn’t work past a certain age, well, maybe it does as I’m smiling while typing this. Unlike Comedy, Humor is reactionary to present and surrounding conditions. There can’t be a scripted first time meeting of a potential client using humor, and comedy should never ever be used. When meeting with a person or people for the first time, if humor is going to be used, the ability to read a person, or the multiple person dynamic, has to be established immediately or sooner. Deals can be ruined straight out of the chute. Some people in business aren’t there to laugh, smile or even be personable. It’s just business, which isn’t a bad thing. Others are less guarded and more comfortable with a little humor interjected into a business exchange. The type of humor used has to be established as well, whether it’s dry, snarky, sarcastic, observational or even self bullying. The key to successfully using humor while conducting business is to know your job 100% front and back and everywhere in between. Accomplish that and you will have a clientele that is trusting of your abilities business wise while being relaxed and more prone to help you do a better job through increased social/business interchanges. I would advise against being the funny guy that doesn’t have all the answers for your client. You’re better off not making yourself a centralized personality in negotiations.

In short, Humor is an incredibly positive social tool that can give a wealth of success when used correctly. Knowledge and humor, in that order, enable the paths of communication to be less robotic and more open to a two way street of insight between you and your client.

For a glimpse at the Rooney & Paul Show click play below, or visit their website here!


Where’s the Funny? Help us out…

Hey all,

First of all…. So I changed my twitter name for no reason other than broadening our horizons.  Ok, some of the aspects of the show were getting to me, but those feelings happen with beloved family members, and i still love them..  as I still have a place in my heart for Opie.. It is because of Opie I’ve found this awesome community on twitter, and I am grateful. I started the name as a joke, and wanted to change it, but it kinda stuck.

I love ideas.  The recurring one in my life that has kept me sane is Comedy.

Comedy is healing, and is as important to the world as cancer research.

For me it really is. My son is going through anxiety problems and the neuropsychologist said humor is one of those things that really can help.  It breaks the tension and reduces the stress and makes the thing that’s making him so anxious seem ridiculously silly.  Taking things to extreme.  Check out the article below, about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

So, when @queenelisabeth suggested Momsforcomedy as a user name, I loved it immediately, and surprisingly it wasn’t taken. So I jumped on it!

So we want to know, what makes you laugh out loud.  Where can we get a pocket of funny that will make someone not kill themselves or the obnoxious people taking up our valuable oxygen. 

Share your favorite podcast in the comments below, favorite youtube clip, anything that just made your day more livable.

Want to do more?  Consider writing for us about your favorite comedian, show, podcast, program… Email us at




Learning Cognitive-behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide- by Jesse Wright

Learning Cognitive-behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide- by Jesse Wright

All about “Moms”

  1. First and Middle name – Sheila
  2. Age- 40
  3. Lucky number and why- I rely on a random number generator because of an indifference to luck.
  4. Kids (names and ages)9y, 8y, 5y
  5. What is your go-to online handle and why? something with the word mom in it, or playgrounds just cause it’s a big part of my life right now.
  6. Married? his/her name and how long have you been together? Rick, since 98, he’s a sweetheart.
  7. Siblings? tell us- little brother, Eddie
  8. Aunt/Uncle? brag.. –I have 4 nephews, and 2 nieces. Love that whenever we get together all the cousins get along pretty well.  Great kids.
  9. Career- family friendly websites is my thing right now, before that I was a program manager for an explosive trace detection company.
  10. Nickname- Sheil, She, She-ra, princess of power
  11. Favorite band/singer- I’m so all over the place with this. Beatles, Tom Petty, Tori Amos
  12. Favorite song- Mary Jane’s Last Dance
  13. Tattoos? how many/of what/why? 0-never had a hint of a desire for one.
  14. Favorite time of day- dusk
  15. What the hell do you look like? short, brown usually looking lost.
  16. What phrase/song lyric/quote really speaks to you – : “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” -Samuel Johnson.
  17. What is the biggest struggle in your life- Balance
  18. Name the 3 best moments in your life- birth of children, meeting my husband and realizing he’s the one I want to live with for the rest of my life. Realizing that I could mess up questionnaires and other little things and it will be ok.
  19. Name the 3 worst moments in your life- when my best intentions are taken the wrong way, and I realize that I f**ked up royally, feeling so stuck when i was younger and knowing I would never be really accepted by my family if they really knew me, killing that man in Texas. (just kidding about one of these)
  20. What character flaw in other people do you detest the most- disdain/arrogance
  21. What was the single thing about becoming a parent that surprised you the most? There’s so much gray areas, and they probably will turn out ok, even if you mess up.
  22. Can you spot crazy in others immediately? how? I would say I get a whiff of crazy and then the evidence gathering begins… Oh yeah I think this one’s a winner, yep… This happens alot at birthday parties.  Oh dear Jesus, you need a therapist.. god help you, im going to get a piece of cake, excuse me..
  23. What causes you to block other people on social media (i.e. Facebook/Twitter/instagram etc) Hate tweets, narrow mindedness
  24. 5 famous dead people are coming to dinner, who are they? JFK, Moses, Joan Rivers, Patrice O Neil and Anne Frank
  25. Can you sing? Of course! Everyone can sing! Let’s karaoke!
  26. What do you consider your talents? Making my kids laugh and being silly, Crying at the sappiest moments, Figuring out stuff
  27. Name 3 major fears Death of loved ones, letting a friend down, rodents
  28. Who is your best friend? my first college roommate
  29. Favorite animal and why dog, they are sweet and good
  30. Most prized possession sense of humor, without it I’d be in pretty bad shape
  31. Favorite movie(s) Magnolia
  32. If I caught you with your nose in a book, what kind is it? Some self-help/spiritual reading, anything about the mind… I should’ve been a psychologist
  33. Favorite book I devour books, but then forget about them. Really loving Quiet by Susan Caine right now.  Don’t have a standard go -to.
  34. Favorite color Blue
  35. First heartbreak Mark
  36. That one friend you wished you still talked to Ruben or Hector- lost touch with these guys, they gave me the best laughs
  37. If you could live anywhere in the world…where? Hawaii but only if I dragged everyone with me.  I love my life.
  38. (for married women) did you keep your wedding gown? Yes
  39. Do you feel online friendships are ‘real’ friendships? Yes, I really believe we are all connected, and sometimes I feel like I can share more with my online community, then my “IRL” community. For example I didn’t tell anyone except my best friend about my biopsy, but made a joke about it on twitter, and although I may be naive, I do think people do care, even if they don’t even really “know” you.
  40. do you believe in Karma? wow, I would say yes, but then when the bad shit happens to good people, it makes me question everything.
  41. Naps? If life allows it, hell yes!
  42. The celebrity you hate with the heat of a thousand suns? I can’t stand Rod Stewart’s voice, but I have nothing against him personally. I have dislike for people who think they are above it all, so that’s a bunch.
  43. If you could visit any period in history, when and where? Egypt, pyramids, I want to see how they did it.
  44. Coffin or cremated? Cremated
  45. What is your earliest memory? Baby brother in a bassinet
  46. What song can make you cry? Time Stand Still- Rush
  47. What store do you like your gift certificates from? Macys and/or Amazon
  48. Who really makes you laugh? Hubs and Louis CK. Oh and Queen Elisabeth and a bunch of funny people I follow on twitter.
  49. Have you ever met anyone famous? Do tell… Louis CK, Opie, both great nice guys. A bunch of others, but nothing memorable.
  50. If you could change one quality about yourself what would it be? Overthinking crap