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Hey all,

First of all…. So I changed my twitter name for no reason other than broadening our horizons.  Ok, some of the aspects of the show were getting to me, but those feelings happen with beloved family members, and i still love them..  as I still have a place in my heart for Opie.. It is because of Opie I’ve found this awesome community on twitter, and I am grateful. I started the name as a joke, and wanted to change it, but it kinda stuck.

I love ideas.  The recurring one in my life that has kept me sane is Comedy.

Comedy is healing, and is as important to the world as cancer research.

For me it really is. My son is going through anxiety problems and the neuropsychologist said humor is one of those things that really can help.  It breaks the tension and reduces the stress and makes the thing that’s making him so anxious seem ridiculously silly.  Taking things to extreme.  Check out the article below, about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

So, when @queenelisabeth suggested Momsforcomedy as a user name, I loved it immediately, and surprisingly it wasn’t taken. So I jumped on it!

So we want to know, what makes you laugh out loud.  Where can we get a pocket of funny that will make someone not kill themselves or the obnoxious people taking up our valuable oxygen. 

Share your favorite podcast in the comments below, favorite youtube clip, anything that just made your day more livable.

Want to do more?  Consider writing for us about your favorite comedian, show, podcast, program… Email us at spring2010nj@live.com.




Learning Cognitive-behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide- by Jesse Wright

Learning Cognitive-behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide- by Jesse Wright

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