Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Hoopla

It’s here! It’s here!  The day that some people can’t wait for.. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode!  I’m a fan, but not a super fan like some people.  I love David Tennant, so I’m pretty psyched to see it from what has been shown in the trailers.  

Here’s a few things to check out today, if you have an interest in all things #doctorWho:

BBC America- at 2:50pm Eastern Time- simulcast- Also at 7PM tonight (Nov 23).  Check out the BBC America schedule here #DoctorWho50thAnniversary Show with @erockradio at 1pm today – link here 

Check out the awesome BBC Doctor Who Timeline here

Play the google doodle Doctor Who game here

Follow Doctor Who Fan @erockradio here

Some cool pictures from the filming of the 50th are in this Latimes article

Check out one of the doctor’s biggest fans, Jeremiah McDonald, who is the maker of many great viral videos including “Conversation with my 12 year old self”. This is what Steven Moffat tweeted about that great vid:



 He will have his tribute to Doctor Who, via youtube.  I’m excited about it he does some really excellent work.

Here is a preview.

Will update when he posts the finished product!!! 
It’s here!!!
Great job, well done Jeremiah!

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