From Satellite to Podcasting? *speculate* *speculate*

If you happened to hear today’s show, you might have heard the boys agree that they should leave SiriusXM next year. Yeah, I guess they’ve mentioned it in passing before, but it’s a running theme, and the frustration is palpable. Lucky for SiriusXM the boys are still steamed, because when criticism stops, that’s when people stop caring. (One of the gems I picked up from famous lecturer, Randy Pausch:

“He said, when you’re screwing up and nobody’s saying anything to you anymore, that means they gave up. And that’s a lesson that stuck with me my whole life. Is that when you see yourself doing something badly and nobody’s bothering to tell you anymore, that’s a very bad place to be. Your critics are your ones telling you they still love you and care.”

As a listener, I really could care less where the boys broadcast as long as I have the ability to hear them on my headphones while I’m doing laundry and ironing handkerchiefs.. Ok, that ironing hankerchiefs is a bit of exaggeration, or more of a traumatic flashback to my childhood.

So as fans, what should we do? Apparently it doesn’t matter how much we complain Sirius keeps doing what they want to do, being the monopoly in the “satellite radio” industry with an app that continues to frustrate us. Well, guess what? we don’t need no stinking satellites! Have you checked out your “real” competition? Podcasts are springing up left and right, and apps like “Tune In”, are giving us the ability to listen live, call in just like the professionals. Ok, I know I’m writing this like a 6 year old, and the technology is much more complex. But what do I need to know as a listener? I download my “tune in app”, “my podcasts app”, I search my shows, and boom *stated in Bob Kelly voice* I can listen to whatever I want. Don’t forget about Paltalk, and Ustream, and all kinds of nifty places you can go to…

Never fear, O&A, we will find you wherever you may go. You sucked me in year 2005 and I haven’t left (well except for the real life that interrupts my listening and only for a few minutes when Jim gets extraordinarily angry or Anthony is berating someone about guns/race for an hour). Listener loyalty has never been higher for a radio show. (I’m a little biased here, kinda like “only in NJ” propaganda but I’ll pretend it’s real)

I hope this reaches some of the casual listeners too, because I hope to use this blog to let you know what’s up, and where you can find these degenerates as Jim so lovingly calls the talent.

What you can do:

Follow Opie and Anthony Show on twitter @OandAshow.
Subscribe to their podcast on Itunes.
Write to SiriusXM. Oh wait that’s a waste of time and paper.

If you have any other creative ideas, feel free to comment below.


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