Welcome to Parents for Opie

Well, the day came and went, on 2/24/2010 Opie Hughes announced he will be a father.  No matter what your situation is, as parents, you know that parenthood is nuts.  Now that Opie is going through it I can be sure it’s going to end up as gooder radio, at least for those of us in baby hell. If you support lil Opies, then let us know!

WTF, we don’t need another blog, messageboard, etc…

True, but there is a few of us out there that have children and listen to O&A and this will only serve as a filter for parenthood topics from O&A using twitter…  I’ll be posting questions on twitter, and posting your feedback here.  This may go down the same route as FBA, (the bad part) but what the hell…

Who the fuck are you?

Mrs. Scheckler. YAY Pudding!

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